SCZ High Res Final 2

Latest news: April 2014                                                      

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UK Charity Number: 1155829    Zambian NGO Registration: ORS/102/53/323

Kampasa Eden

One out of two young people in Zambia are unemployed or under-employed, which has resulted in an increasing number of young people starting their own businesses to make a living. Entrepreneurial education is therefore not only relevant but it is an essential part of a qualitative education in Zambia.


The School Club Zambia is a Zambian Non-Governmental Organisation and UK Charity working in partnership with schools to start and manage    school-run businesses with the aim of generating much needed funds for school resources and opportunities for vocational education.


Our dedicated team have been providing hands on financial and technical support to four schools across three districts since 2011.

One month left!!

This month we are focusing on fundraising for the wonderful Eden Community School to expand their small garden into a profitable school-run business. The school has already proved their dedication to our model with their chicken-rearing enterprise and both teachers and pupils are seeing the benefits with more money to spend on school resources and interactive vocational lessons.


Our friends at Baraka Community Partnerships have offered to match fund this project so if you donate ten pounds we will receive twenty! For more information, please click here to visit our fundraising page. Alternatively, visit our Support Us page to see what you can do to raise funds.


UPDATE!!! The total now stands at £1115. Leaving just £120 to reach the half way mark which Baraka Community Partnerships will match fund to hit the target of £2500!

Kampasa Communty School

We visited Kampasa Community School at the beginning of April and spoke with some of the pupils on what changes they had seen since the School Club Zambia and Baraka Community Partnerships had worked with the school to start their chicken rearing enterprise last year.


Most of the girls said that other schools in the area were charging K150 (£15) a term, whilst Kampsa was charging K20.


Five out of six of the girls we spoke to used to attend private schools but when their mothers lost their jobs, Kampasa became the only school in the area they could afford.


This information makes it easier than ever to understand why it is so important that we keep supporting vulnerable community schools like Kampasa and their pupils.


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