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UK Charity Number: 1155829    Zambian NGO Registration: RINGO 101/0153/14

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A Long Walk to School - Footsteps for Futures

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In July 2015 a group of SCZ supporters undertook the challenge of a lifetime….


The ‘Long Walk to School’ took our intrepid explorers through 250km of African bush from the shores of Lake Kariba to Livingstone, adventure capital of Zambia. Walking through varied, remote bush terrain and visiting numerous schools along the way, the group followed an ancient cattle-driving trail not walked in its entirety in living memory.


Our Corporate Sponsors

We extend our sincere appreciation to the sponsors of the Long Walk for their generous support, without whom none of this would have been be possible.


We invite you to support these businesses by visiting their websites through the links below.

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The idea of this crazy adventure came about partly out of a thirst for adventure, and partly out of a very real need to raise awareness, and funds, for the vital work of schools in the School Club Zambia network.


The objectives of The Long Walk were two-fold:


- Firstly, to raise funding to secure the start-up capital needed to implement a new school run enterprise at Chisyabulungu Community School in the rural Sinazongwe District of Southern Zambia;


- And secondly, to create a greater awareness of the challenges schools in remote areas of Zambia face, and the vital services they provide to their local communities.

The Plan

The Long Walk team was made up of: Katie & Hesther (SCZ UK Trustees), Lois (SCZ Founder & Country Director), Sarah & JJ (long-term SCZ supporters) alongside their support crew: Able, Bwalya, Francis and Dave. They were also accompanied by some four-legged friends, Mardy, Roberto, Hugo, Preggers and Nyami Nyami. Along the way the group were also guided by Tenford 1, Tenford 2, Timothly, Drumwell and Maxon.

The Walkers

The amazing group finished their epic 250km walk after just 11 days in the wilderness – 2 days ahead of schedule!


The team also visited a number of schools along the route and were able to gather information to help identify new schools that would benefit from joining the School Club Zambia network in the future.







The Walk

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Left to right: Sarah, Hesther, Dave, Katie, JJ and Lois

Not only did our amazing walkers complete their challenge, but they also more than DOUBLED their original fundraising target by raising over £15,000!


This funding will be used by School Club Zambia to launch a new project at Chisyabulungu Community School, as well as help SCZ widen their impact to more schools in Zambia.


“This is truly fantastic, we are all completely stunned & humbled by the generosity of you all. Not only can we now fully fund the carpentry workshop, but with the extra cash we will be able to help other schools to join the School Club Zambia network in the near future, and continue our mission to ensure some of the most vulnerable children have access to high quality, vocational and creative education. On behalf of the SCZ team, Chisyabulungu Community School and the many children whose futures will be brighter because of this walk - thank you!”


- Hesther, Long Walker and SCZ UK Trustee


The Fundraising

For more amazing photos please visit the Long Walk Facebook page!