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About Us

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The School Club Zambia was initiated in Zambia in 2011 by a group of professionals who recognised the huge financial and technical gaps in the support available for the country's 5,000 registered community schools.  The co-founders spearheading the initiative was Muftau Ibrahim and Lois Cochrane who after years of working both for and with community schools strongly believed that an alternative financial model for these vulnerable schools was needed in recognition of their severe lack of resources and dependency on infrequent handouts. The model would need to simultaneously and intrinsically promote social entrepreneurship amongst pupils due to low formal employment opportunities in the country and high poverty rates.

Below left: Lois presents at the UK launch. Below right: Muftau checks on the progress at one of our first school gardens.

The School Club Zambia is building on our strengths and experiences to increase the difference we make to schools across Zambia. Click here to read our 2013 Annual Report and find out more about the achievements and progress we've made.

Our Vision:

The School Club Zambia envisions a Zambia where every child has access to high quality, vocational and creative education and where education leads to job security and life opportunities for the nation's youth.

The School Club Zambia is a Zambian Non-Governmental Organisation and UK Charity working in partnership with schools to start and manage school-run businesses with the aim of generating much needed funds for school resources and opportunities for vocational education.


We support community schools become financially self-sufficient, up-sale vocational education and improve employment potential in the community. We do this by providing technical support, networking opportunities and start-up capital for school owned enterprises such as gardens, tailoring centres and broilers.


Community schools are found in the poorest communities in Zambia and provide educational opportunities for the most disadvantaged of Zambia’s children. The SCZ is making a direct impact on the educational and developmental potentials of these areas, in conjunction with the local community.


Annual Report

UK Charity Number: 1155829    Zambian NGO Registration: RINGO 101/0153/14

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