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UK Charity Number: 1155829    Zambian NGO Registration: RINGO 101/0153/14

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Hesther Levy has been visiting Zambia in a professional and personal capacity for over 15 years. Having attained a Masters degree in African politics from SOAS she has since worked in both public & private sectors for organisations such as the Commonwealth Partnership for Technology Management, Microsoft and INTO University Partnerships. She currently works in the field of international higher education and is a dedicated supporter of improving access to education in developing countries.


Neelan Santhirarajah visited Zambia in 2017, and having seen the work and impact of School Club Zambia, he was excited to join the board as our Treasurer.  Neelan has a degree in maths and economics and he is a qualified Accountant by background, currently working in the finance industry for T.Rowe Price in London .


Trish Corzine is a Zimbabwean who has been living and working in the UK for many years but has visited Africa twice a year since she left and has a house in Harare. She has recently semi - retired from corporate life. She was a main board director of The Restaurant Group, at the time of writing a FTSE 250 plc, and Managing Director of one of the groups divisions. She stepped down in May 2013.


Hannah Kerrigan lived in Zambia for two years from 2013 - 2015, as the in-country manager of Abercrombie and Kent Philaphropy. Since moving back to the UK, Hannah has completed her MSc in Finance, worked for Marie Curie; Glasgow Children's Hospital and is now Head of Public Sector Partnerships for the Prince's Trust Scotland.


Abeer Itrakjy joined the board in 2018 but has been supporting School Club Zambia as a monthly donor since 2011! Abeer has a has a Masters Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Manchester and is currently employed as an Innovation Delivery Manager for the NHS in London. Abeer's passion for women's health and quality education inspired her to join our board after a visit to our projects in 2017.

Left to right: Hesther at Kariba South's Tailoring Centre; Neelan running a financial management workshop and Trish at a Kariba South Primary's Open Day

UK Board of Trustees

IMG_0664 Grainne and Baraka


Ralph Green is a Scotsman born in England. His father and mother were Scottish. He is regarded as a "sassenach" by Scots, a gentle piece of fun. He is a graduate of University of Glasgow, enjoying careers in Accountancy, Social Work, Education, Trade Union, and Psychology. Ralph is now retired from paid employment finding opportunity in Advocacy representation for vulnerable individuals and community groups. He is married with three children and three grandchildren and lives in Glasgow. His leisure interests are writing, sailing and his grandchildren. Ralph is School Club Zambia's Scottish Ambassador and has been raising awareness and funds for our projects since 2014.

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