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UK Charity Number: 1155829    Zambian NGO Registration: RINGO 101/0153/14

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Vocational Education


In 2014 we founded our first Young Farmers Club with 25 pupils from Kariba South Primary School and it has since gone from strength to strength! We now run the Young Farmers Club at Kariba South Primary, Chisyabulungu Community School, Siansowa Primary School and Siamucaala Community School! The Clubs meet regularly during term time, to learn about the theoretical and practical elements of successful organic farming with our Programme Manager Sunny, and Sunday, one of the school’s teachers. In 2017 we also expanded the Club to include workshops with local community members, in particular school leavers.


Households in these areas traditionally rely on fishing as their only source of income, and the availability of a variety of fresh vegetables is scare. The aim of the Young Farmers Club is to teach a diverse range of skills that will allow them to start their own organic gardens at home, providing healthy food for their families as well as providing a sustainable source of income. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more updates!

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Young Farmers Club

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Young Tailors Club

In February 2015 we founded the first Young Tailors Club at Kariba South Primary in partnership with the Ashworth Charitable Trust. With few pupils going on to secondary school, the Young Tailors Club offers the children the opportunity to learn vital practical skills to support them in the future. Each year, 25 pupils from particularly vulnerable households (such as those headed by an older sibling or elderly relative) are selected by the school for the Young Tailors Club.


In 2015 the Young Tailors Club and the Kariba South Tailoring Centre won international acclaim for their work from the Teach a Man to Fish 'School Enterprise Challenge' by winning their Top Global Prize! For a glimpse into the world of the Young Tailors, have a look at their amazing blog here:


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