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UK Charity Number: 1155829    Zambian NGO Registration: RINGO 101/0153/14

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What we do

Since 2011, School Club Zambia has worked in partnership with 8 schools across 3 districts in Zambia. We work in collaboration with local communities, schools, stakeholders and Education Authorities to deliver our programmes.


Our programmes run across 4 Impact Areas:




It is extremely hard for schools to offer a relevant and effective education to its pupils when they are operating on limited budgets, as is often the case in Zambia. School Club Zambia encourages, facilitates and supports schools to develop income-generating enterprises designed to provide a long-term and sustainable source of income for the schools. Working in partnership with school’s Enterprise Committees, we provide hands on technical training alongside seed funding for starting, and occasionally expanding, income-generating enterprises. Enterprises started include: broiler and layer chickens, organic vegetable gardens, tailoring centres, IT centres and a carpentry workshop.


Our overall aim for each school is that they become fully self-sufficient after a period of 5 years, ensuring they can independently cover all their basic overheads such as teacher's wages, school meals and books, and even improve their existing resources or expand their education to more children.


Read more on our current Self-Financing Schools projects here.





We live in a world that places high value white-collar jobs, yet many of the skills that are most needed to compete in the global market of the 21st century are technical skills.  Aside from the market need, the skills learnt through vocational education can be extremely rewarding and provide the base for vital future livelihood opportunities.


In the rural communities where School Club Zambia works, most young people who finish school at Grade 7 or 8 (Primary Level) will follow their parents into fishing or farming.  We aim to give them the skills and knowledge they need to have alternative and secure sources of income.


Read more on our current Vocational Education projects here.





Whilst sustainable school financing and vocational education remains the core focus of School Club Zambia's work, we recognise that none of these goals are viable whilst low literacy rates remains a persistent problem across Zambia.


In late 2014 we partnered with literacy specialists, Happy Readers whose programmes in Zimbabwe and Zambia have already had a life-changing effect on many young people's lives. Happy Reader's materials are approved by Zambia’s Ministry of Education for use in schools and District Education Boards actively encourage charities to fund purchasing them.


Our Literacy Development programme is now running at 5 of our our partner schools  – click here to read more.





Girls education is being increasingly recognised across the world as one of the most effective ways of ending poverty in developing countries. The statistics are overwhelming in reducing child and maternal mortality rates, combatting against HIV/AIDS, malaria and other life-threatening diseases, reducing early marriage and pregnancy, higher earnings, bigger investment in children’s’ education and more secure and stable families.


In 2015, we launched our first pilot programme designed to tackle the barriers to quality education that girls in Zambia face. The programme has since gone from strength to strength! Click here to read more!


Self-Financing Schools

Vocational Education

Literacy Development

Girls Education

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